Building a strong core and excellent balance is absolutely essential in becoming an amputee athlete.

Our core is everything that isn’t our arms or legs. The core is fundamental in carrying out any movement. It is where our power is generated and it what gives us balance and stability. While we think of the core being made up of abdominal muscles, the core includes our hips, glutes and pelvic floor.

The number one thing that has made me most functional as a leg amputee is a strong core and the ability to engage my core while performing, not only exercises in the gym, but my daily functions.

The exercises under core section are some basic exercises that will strengthen your abdominal, hip flexor muscles and back muscles. They will also improve your stability and balance.

Core Exercises for AKA & BKA

Planks – Develops strength in the core, shoulders, ares and glutes.

Bridges – Develops strength in hips, glutes and hamstrings.

Iron Cross – Target abdominal muscles and dynamically stretches the hip flexors.

V- Ups – Target the abdominal and hip flexor muscles while enhancing balance.

Bicycles – Target the abdominal muscles and the oblique muscles.

Bird Dogs – Targets core strength in abs and lower back.  Improves stability and body awareness.

Functional Exercises for AKA & BKA

Balance on BOSU – Develops stability, helps focus on using core and hips for balance.

Wall Ball – Targets glutes, hamstrings, core, shoulders and arms.  Excellent functional exercise helping with distributing weight equally in hips.

Medicine Ball Slams – Improves reactive strength for better functional movement.  Also builds cardiovascular endurance.