Third Year Anniversary of Being an Amputee

Today marks my third year anniversary of being an amputee. Having my leg removed was one of the hardest, most grueling decisions I ever had to make. It was a drastic last resort to end the 6 years of immense pain and disability I was in. On that day, I was determined that I would do what ever it took to improve my life and learn to live with one leg. That evening, lying in my hospital bed, missing a leg, I couldn’t have ever imagined I would be living the active, full life I live today.

Three years later, I still owe, not only getting my life back, but living it more active then ever to the work I have put in at the gym. There are no free gifts or magic bullets in life you need to put hard work in to get results. Build the body, you still have, strong and it will compensate for the part that is missing.

The most rewarding part of this past year has been working with amputees, helping them become active, so they too can fulfill their dreams and take back their lives. The stories of how each of them came to be amputees, constantly sheds light on how truly fragile our lives are. Their stories give true testament to how powerful the determination to survive can be. I feel honored that they choose me to be part of their journey. Each of them inspire and motivate me to push harder and to do more every day.

I am truly grateful for my mobility and blessed that I had the strength to embrace my situation and use it to open up amazing opportunities. Three years later, I still begin each day taking a few minutes to appreciate not being in pain and being thankful that I had the strength and determination to live my life without limitations. I then attach my leg and go off to do what I was meant to do, help others overcome their life challenges and live full, healthy lives.

Thank you to my wonderful wife and three incredible kids for their never ending support. It’s for them I push my limits every day. Also thank you to my growing list of awesome training clients. So many of you have come to be so much more then clients in my life.

In the next year I look forward to finding new personal physical challenges to meet and continuing with my mission to help people improve their lives through physical fitness.

No Excuses, No Limits!

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About Darryl Partridge

I am a husband, father of three and amputee. I was active all my life, a Certified Ski Instructor, DYI enthusiast and Elementary Special Education Teacher. My life came crashing down when I was 42 years old after suffering a life changing ankle injury. I endured six ankle surgeries that forever changed the anatomy of my lower left leg, ten leg casts, recovery time on crutches that added up in the years and debilitating pain. In the end wound up with a deformed lower leg, chronic pain and unable to walk without crutches. Oh yeah, I also lost my teaching job after the third surgery. Being left a 47 year old unemployed disabled father. I took two years to rebuilt my life using crutches full time, achieving a new career in public health and preparing to amputate my leg. I amputated my lower left leg 9/24/14, 15 months post amputation became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Follow me on my life without limits journey as an amputee. I now hope my stories will help others find some support and comfort in living with their disabilities. Explore my website .com to read my story.
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