My Quick List of Tips That Made My Life Easier

  • A proper pair of crutches – put the time & effort into learning to use them and it will be a huge payoff.
  • Set up a comfortable place to hang out in your house where you can rest your stump properly and things that you are going to want are at arm’s reach.
  • Shower bench adjusted to a safe & comfortable height.
  • Hook for towel next to shower and reachable from sitting on bench (a simple coat hook from a hardware store works perfectly)
  • Grab bar in shower.
  • Grab bars installed on wall next to toilets.
  • Rubber backing non-slip bath mat in front of shower.
  • Everyday-needed toiletries convenient at bathroom sink (in easy-reach drawer or basket next to sink).
  • Comfort-height toilet in the bathroom you will use during the night. (A bit pricey, but remember you will be using this bathroom without your leg on for as long as you live there.)
  • Comfortable easy on/off clothing that is easily accessible.
  • Wear clothing with lots of pockets to transport items.
  • Arrange furniture to make safe open direct paths.
  • Rolling adjustable height doctor’s stool in kitchen (this will allow you to prepare your own food).
  • People in place to offer support.
  • As I write this two and one half months post amputation, I have no regrets and it was one of the best decision have ever made. I do warn the first few weeks are difficult and it wasn’t until week four or five before I knew I had made the right decision. So hang in there and stay strong!!

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