One-Year Anniversary

One year ago today, I began my journey as an amputee. I chose to amputate my lower left leg after six years of unsuccessful surgeries and unrelenting pain. It was the most agonizing and difficult decision I have ever had to make. In the end I had to take the chance with amputation because I could no longer live with the excruciating pain the leg caused. The amputation freed me from the bondage of my wicked leg, however living with a leg amputation is not easy and comes with a whole host of challenges. In the wake of the amputation, I was fortunate to discover something that completely reversed what could have been the most difficult year of my life: challenging myself through physical fitness. The harder I pushed myself in the gym, the easier it became to accept and handle my daily challenges. I grew into a strong, determined, very capable and confident person. I learned that amputation didn’t have to stop or define my life. In fact, the human body is capable of adapting to physical change and accomplishing incredible things.

The following is a video that highlights what, ironically, has turned out to be a great year and one of many accomplishments. My hope is that I will motivate you to not let fear stop you from achieving what you are capable of. Everything I have accomplished has been the result of a positive attitude, determination, hard work and learning to align my brain with my body.

Please visit my website to learn more about my story or for support in dealing with amputation or leg injury.

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About Darryl Partridge

I am a husband, father of three and amputee. I was active all my life, a Certified Ski Instructor, DYI enthusiast and Elementary Special Education Teacher. My life came crashing down when I was 42 years old after suffering a life changing ankle injury. I endured six ankle surgeries that forever changed the anatomy of my lower left leg, ten leg casts, recovery time on crutches that added up in the years and debilitating pain. In the end wound up with a deformed lower leg, chronic pain and unable to walk without crutches. Oh yeah, I also lost my teaching job after the third surgery. Being left a 47 year old unemployed disabled father. I took two years to rebuilt my life using crutches full time, achieving a new career in public health and preparing to amputate my leg. I amputated my lower left leg 9/24/14, 15 months post amputation became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Follow me on my life without limits journey as an amputee. I now hope my stories will help others find some support and comfort in living with their disabilities. Explore my website .com to read my story.
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